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Best Auto Appraiser performs appraisals on antique and classic autos to determine proper value.


Best Auto Appraiser, Dennis Mitosinka appraises antique cars, classic cars, exotic cars, book and non-book vehicles. Having appraised, bought, sold, auctioned, restored and otherwise handled thousands of rare and costly automobiles, Dennis Mitosinka guarantees quality service and dependability.


Automoblie Appraisals of All Types, From the Turn of the Century to Present

*Expert Witness Depositions and Court Appearances
*Diminuation in Value of Auto After Repairs
*Marriage or Business Dissolutions
*Listed with Technical Advisor's Service
*Over 15 years as a NADA Advisor, Former member
*Auto Appraisals for Insurance
*Auto Appraisals for Insurance Disputes

Best Auto Appraiser, Dennis Mitosinka is a market analyst for Kelley Blue Book.
Market Analyst for the Official Guide for early Model Cars

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