Ted Horn, America Racing Champion No. 1, by R. Catlin
Those Wonderful Old Autos, by Bonanza
Time Weekly Vol. XI No. 1, Charley Lindberg Publ 1967
Tire and Rim Handbook 1915 to 1927 Cars & Trucks, by Clymer
Tires, Data Book of 1930-1941, by Clymer
Toyota Corolla & Carina 1968-78 Shop Manual
Toyota Corona 3R-5R-RT Repair Manual
Toyota Corona RT-40
Toyota, Road Emperor Service/Repair Handbook for
Toyota Service/Repair Handbook - Road Emperor 1968-74
Toyota Service/Repair Handbook 1968-72
Toyota Service & Repair Handbook 1968-72, Corolla, Carina
Toyota Service/Repair Handbook 1968-74,
Celica, Corona MKII, Corona/Corolla
Toyota Service & Repair , 1969-1974
Toyota Service & Repair 1970-78
Traction Engines Worth Modeling, by W.C. Hughes
Transmission Automatic, US & Foreign Makes
Transmission, Modern Automatic
Treasury of Foreign Cars, by Clymer
Triumph, the Book of Motorcycles, by Brown E.T.
Triumph Motorcycle Owners Handbook, Masters A.J.
Triumph Owners Handbook of Maint. & Repairs Cars
Triumph Owners Handbook, Maintenance & repair,
All models through TR4
Triumph- Spitfire Owners Handbook
Triumph Workshop Instruction Manual 1945-55 Motorcycle

Vespa Scooter, Owners Handbook, by J. Emmott
Villiers Motorcycle, The Book of, by Cyril Grange
Volkswagen, German Instruction Book
Volkswagen, Owners Handbook of Repairs & Maint.
1968 and Earlier- 10th edition
Volkswagen, Owners Handbook of Repairs & Maint.
1970 and earlier- 12th edition
Volkswagen, Owners Handbook of Repairs & Maint.
The 1500 Model
Volkswagen, Owners Handbook of Repairs & Maint. Transporter
Volkswagen Owners Service Manual & Fact Book
Volkswagen Service & Repair 1961-1972
Volkswagen Service & Repair 1962-1972
Volkswagen Owners Service Manual 1957-1960
Volkswagen Service/Repair 1961-1974
Volkswagen, Suping Up, by Dick Morgan
VW Complete Handbook, by Hank Elfrick 1957
Volvo Owners Handbook of Maint. & Repairs

Wheel Spin, Competition Motoring by C.A. N. May
White, Bulletin, The
White Steam Car 1907-1908
White Steam Cars 1910
Wireless and Radio, by Greenwood
Wolverine, the Chainless
World's Finest Automobiles, 100 of, by Ocee Ritch

Yamaha Twin 1965-1974


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