Japanese Motor Vehicles thru 1959
Jenny to Jet (over 100 photos)

King and Us, The

Lincoln Continental, The
Locomobile Steam Cars
Lubrication A-B-C

Marmon Model 34
Maserati, Racing--Sports--Auto Show Cars, byClymer
Maxwell Instruction 1909, by Clymer
Mercedes-Benz Model S
Mercedes-Benz Type 320
Mercedes-Benz, Motor Racing with, by Monkhouse, C.L.
Mercedes-Benz, Motor Racing with, (Deluxe) (slight damage)
Mercedes, Pioneer of an Industry, by Ulman, Alex E.
Mercer Motorcars Series 5
Mercer Motorcars Series 6
Mercury 1939-1964 Silver Anniversary
Mercury Cars 1949
Mercury Cars 1949 (Deluxe)
Metropolitan Owners Handbook & Service
Mexican Road Race 1950 Border to Border
Mexican Road Race 1950 Border to Border (Deluxe)
MGA-MG-TO-MG-TS Sports Car Tune Up
MG Midget-Sprite Owner Book
Miss Aloerna & "Speedy Babbs" Circus Dare-Devil (signed copies)
Mobilgas 1951 Economy Run
Mobilgas 1952 Economy Run
Mobilgas 1953 Economy Run
Mobilgas 1954 Economy Run
Modern Chassis
Modern Motorcycle Mechanics, by Nicholson
Montesa Motorcycle, Service-Repair 1965-75
Moped Batavus Owner-Service 1976-78
Moped Garelli Owner-Service 1976-78
Moped Peugeot Owner-Service 1976-78
Moped Puch Owner-Service 1976-78
Motor Cycling Manual, 1944
Motor Field, Feb. 1907
Motor History of America-The Gas Age, 1937, Glasscock
Motor History of America-The Gas Age, 1937, (Deluxe)
Motor Memories, A Saga of Whirling Gears, by E.W. Lewis
Motor World, The 1900
Motor Yearbook 1952, by Pomeroy
Motor Yearbook 1953, by Pomeroy
Motoraces, A Pictorial History of G.P. Racing, by Monkhouse
Motorcycle Club, How to Organize
Motorcycle, The Dealer & Repairman 1902
Motorcycle Engineering (over 175 photos)
Motorcycle racing, late 1920s thru Late 1930s-- Speedway
Motorcycle Repair Encyclopedia (covers 22 makes, 200 models)
Motorcycle Road Racing, by G.S. Davison
Motorcycle Speedway Annual, published 1947
Motorcycle Thrills, by Ivan J. Stretten
Motorcycle Troubleshooting Carb & Electric 1976
Motorcycles Two-Stroke, And How To Get
Motorcycles and How to Manage Them 1946
Motorcycles and How to Manage Them
Motorcyclist, Questions & Answers, Bagnail Publ. 1967
Motorcyclist, Questions & Answers, by Clymer 1963
Motorcyclist's Workshop, Torrens 1951

New York to Paris 1908 Race
Norton Motorcycle, Light & Heavyweight Twins, by Clymer
Norton, The Book of the, by Haycraft, W.C.

Oldsmobile 1904
Opel Kadett Handbook & Service Manual
Owen-Magnetic 1915-1916 Models

Packard 1909 Instruction Book
Packard 1930 8-cyl. Owners Book
Pierce Arrow 1919 38 & 48 H.P. Dual Valve
Plymouth Owners 1935-51 In-Line
Porsche Owners, Repair & Maint., 1960 & Earlier Models
Porsche 912 Handbook & Service Manual
Post Office Dilemma, The, and What To Do About It
Power & Speed, by F.E. Dean 1944
Price of 1918 Autos

Race Car Builder, 1940
Racing Game, The, by Davison G.S.
Rayfield Cyclecar 1914
Register of Antique Automobiles
Renault Dauphine, Owners Handbook
Renault Owners Handbook of Maint. & Repair
REO Touring Car & Roadster-- Instruction Book
Roadtest by Autocar, 1951, 30 European Autos
Roadtest by Autocar, 1952, 30 European Autos
Roadtest by Autocar, 1953, 30 European Autos
Rolls-Royce "Silver Wraith"
Rolls-Royce, The Story of
Royal Enfield Workshop Maint. Manual, Motorcycle

Saga of the Roaring Road, 1949, by Wagner
Salt of the Earth, Pub. 1945, by A.B. Jenkins
Salt of the Earth, Pub. 1945, by A.B. Jenkins (Deluxe)
Scrapbook, Early Advertising
Scrapbook, Early Auto Supplies
Scrapbook, 1899 Motorcars & News
Scrapbook, Foreign Car Vol. 1
Scrapbook, Ford T Edition Vol. 1
Scrapbook, Historical
Scrapbook, Historical No. 1, First Edition 1944, 250
Early Cars & Motorcycles Illustrated (Deluxe)
Scrapbook, No. 1, (Deluxe with Slip Cover)
Scrapbook, No. 2, 250 Antique Cars & Motorcycles
Scrapbook, No. 2, 250 Antique Cars & Motorcycles
w/ jacket (Deluxe)
Scrapbook, No. 3
Scrapbook, No. 5
Scrapbook, No. 5, (Deluxe)
Scrapbook, No. 5, (Deluxe with Slip Cover)
Scrapbook, No. 6
Scrapbook, No. 6, (Deluxe)
Scrapbook, No. 6, (Deluxe with Slip Cover)
Scrapbook, No. 7, (Deluxe)
Scrapbook, No. 8, (Deluxe)
Scrapbook, No. 8, (Regular)
Scrapbook, Steam Car, (Deluxe)
Scrapbook, Steam Car Edition, Vol. 1, (Deluxe)
Scrapbook, Steam Car Vol. 1
Simca Owners Handbook
Sir Malcolm Campbell's Book of Famous Motorists, by Campbell M.
Souping the Stock Engine, by Huntington R., 1950
Special Racing Cars & Hot Rods of the World, by Elfrink H.
Speed and How to Obtain It, by Clymer
Speed and How to Obtain It, by Clymer
Speed and How to Obtain It, by Clymer 1944
Speed, On The Salt, Eyston-Bradley
Speed From the Sports Car, Calculus
Split Seconds, My Racing Years-- Raymond May
Sport Car Engine, The, Calculus
Sprite-MG Midget Owners Book, Ocee Ritch
Stanley 1908
Stanley Steam Cars 1913
Stanley Steam Cars 1917
Stanley Steamers 1920
Stanley Steamer, The Story of A, by Woodbury G.
Stanley Steamer with Condenser
Stanley Steamer with Condenser
Steam Car, The Modern, & Its Background, by T.S. Derr
Steam Traction Engines & Threshing Equip., Album of Hist.
Studebaker Cars, Indep. Test 1948 (Deluxe)
Studebaker Cars, Indep. Test 1948 (Regular)
Stutz, A Story, 11 days 7 hours 15 min.
Stutz Series E
Sunbeam Owner Handbook, covers Rapier & 260V-8 Tiger
Super Scrapbook, Those Wonderful Old Autos
Suzuki 250-200cc, Owners & Service Manual

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