AAA Official Record Book, by Clymer, 1909-1950
Aero Fact Book, White Publ. 1783 to 1944
Air-Race Sketchbook, 1930 to 1944
Alfa Romeo, 6C 2500 Sport & Super Sport
American Aeronautics, Who's Who 1925
American Horse-Drawn Vehicles, by J.R. Rittenhouse Deluxe
American Horse-Drawn Vehicles, by J.R. Rittenhouse Regular
Antique Car, Buyan, 1958
Antique Car Repair Handbook, 1927 and Prior
Around the World with Motorcycle & Camera
Auburn Cabin Speedster, by Clymer
Autocar, The Roadtest, 1951, 30 European Autos
Auto Owners Complete Handbook, 1951, by H. Elfrink
Aviation, 1925, Court Martial of Col. W. C. Mitchell
Aviation Meet 1910, American & Foreign Aviators

Bicycle Owners Handbook, by S. Kraynick
BMC Minnis, Maintenance, Tuning & Modification
Bridgestone, Motorcycle - Owner & Service Manual
British Automatic Transmission, Manual No. 6
British Car, Carbs & Fuel Systems of The, Manual No. 5
British Car, Electrical Parts of The, Manual No. 4
British Car, Improving The, Manual No. 7
British Car Owners Handbook, by the Autocar Staff
British Car Simple Repairs, Manual #3, by Clymer, 1967
British Car, Taking Care of A, Manual No. 2
British Car Works, How A, Manual No. 1
British Cars (Post-War) 34 makes
British Cars Catalog of 1949-50, by P. Chambers
British Cars Catalog of 1950-51, by A. H. Lukins, 1951
British Ford Handbook, by S. Abbey
British Motorcycle Engines- 25 makes
British Motorcycles 1951, Catalog of, 1951 - 33 Makes
British Motor Industry 1896-1946 Jubilee
British Racing Cars, by C. Posthumus
British Road Racing, by John Dudley, 1950
British Sports Car Handbook, by G. Grant (Deluxe)
British Sports Cars, by G. Grant, 1948
Brooks Steamer
Brush Runabout 1908, Coast to Coast by F.M. Trinkle
Brush Runabout Model E&M, Everyman's Car
B.S.A. Motorcycle, The Book of, by W.C. Haycraft 1936-39 Mach.
Buick Limited, 1940 Souvenir Catalog, Clymer

Cadillac 1914 Instruction
Cadillac Automobiles 1904
Car Owners Basic Handbook, by Clymer
Car-Toons, Book of, by Clymer
Catalog of 1909 Autos, Publ. 1958
Catalog of 1912 Cars, by Clymer, 1955
Catalog of 1914 Autos, Publ. McGraw Hill, 1958
Catalog of 1918 Autos, by Clymer
Catalog of 1921 Cars, Clymer
Catalog of 1924 Cars, Clymer
Catalog of 1927 Cars, Clymer
Catalog of 1929 Cars, Clymer
Catalog of 1950 Autos, All U.S., Clymer
Catalog of 1952 Autos, All U.S., Clymer
Catalog of 1956 Autos, All U.S., Clymer
Chevrolet, 490 & Superior & D Models Instruction
Chevrolet, Model 490, by Clymer
Chevrolet Cars, Independent Test Report 1949, by Clymer
Chevrolet, Cast Iron Wonder 1929-1953
Chevrolet, Early History Cars 1912 to 1928, Trucks 1918-45
Chevrolet & GMC 6 cyl, How to Hop Up, by Huntington
Chevrolet Owners 1929-50, by W.J. Lipsett
Chevrolet Speed Manual, by F.W. Fisher
Chrysler-Built Cars, Repair & Maint. 1935 thru 1951
City of Flint Grows Up, by Carl Crow
Cord, Front Drive, Model 810-812 Owner Manual, by Clymer
Cord, The Front Drive, R. Huntington S.A.E.
Cord Model L-29 Owner's Manual
Coronation Scot Train, by Clymer
Corvair Handbook, by Ocee Ritch, 1962
Corvette Sting Ray 1963-65, by Clymer
Corvette V-8 Handbook 55-62, by W.T. Ocee Ritch
Data Book of Tires 1930-41, by Clymer
Datsun Model 411 Series Owner & Service
Datsun Model 510, Owner & Service
Datsun, Sports Car 1600 & 2000 thru 1970
Daytona Motorcycle Classic 1964 Official Program
Dick Seaman, A Racing Champion
Dick Seaman, A Racing Champion (Deluxe)
Diesel, The Modern, by D.H. Smith, 1952
Doble Steam Car, The
Dodge-DeSoto 1935-51 In-Line Repair
Drag Racing Rules, Motorcycle
Ducati Motorcycle, Owner & Shop, Pre-1967
Dusenberg, Model J, Owners Inst. Book
Dusenberg, Sets a New World's Reliability Record
Early American Autos, Treasury of, by Clymer
English Motorcycle Service Manual Pre-1944
Evolution of a Flying Man (1910)

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